Via the links below, appeals can be submitted to the IMSOGLO-coordinator on various issues. These will be forwarded to the Management Board (MB).

First, you need to provide the following information in the text of your appeal (submission of incomplete information will not allow processing your appeal):

  • Application number (if prospective student) or UGent Student number (if enrolled);
  • First name and Surname;
  • The contents of your appeal.

Second, select your case and press the appropriate link:

  1. You are a prospective student and wish to appeal against non-selection: send us a mail via this link (do not change the Subject field). First: do check if you match the eligibility criteria (this website).
  2. You are an enrolled student and wish to appeal against a situation. First: do check the Student Agreement for your rights and obligations.
    1. Appeal against a decision by the Management Board of IMSOGLO in case of violation of the Student Agreement by the Student: here.
    2. Appeal against re-registration costs after the regular 24 months enrollment: here.
    3. Appeal against a request to withdraw from the programme due to insufficient scholastic performance: here.
    4. Appeal against the privacy rules in Article 9 or the Student Agreement: here.
    5. Other appeals (describe clearly!): here.