Additional Learning Outcomes

Key words for this option:

  • Prevention and remediation of soil degradation in an agricultural context
  • Land evaluation for ecosystem functioning
  • Soil water & C-cycles in an agricultural context
  • Modelling soil water and element fluxes and soil development for various vegetations

Flavour heatmap:

In detail: IMSOGLO graduates who took the specialization Physical Land Resources will additionally be able to…

1.describe and model the soil water cycle and its relation to soil degradation and soil management; soil water management strategies under a changing climate;

3.recognise soil threats and to identify promising ecosystem services for a field situation;

4.measure and model erosion risk, soil compaction and the other soil threats identified by the EU;

5.characterise the relation between the C-cycle and the climate at different scales;

6.apply land evaluation techniques to identify and choose between promising land management alternatives in a regional context.