Programme costs

Participation costs cover institutional tuition fees, insurance and participation in all teaching activities of the programme, including lab courses, excursions, and the MSc research project.

For Programme Country Students (EU + former Yugoslav; Republic of Northern Macedonia; Iceland; Liechtenstein; Norway; Turkey) the participation costs are 4500 €/year.

For other nationalities (Partner Countries) the cost is set at 9000 €/year.

The IMSOGLO master programme offers EMJMD scholarships:

ERASMUS scholarships (EMJMD scholarship) full scholarship up to 49000 EUR for all nationalities.


The EMJMD scholarship is a full scholarship that covers tuition fee, monthly allowance and travel costs up to a total of 49000 EUR for the full 2-year master programme.

The tuition fee is automatically paid from the scholarship.

The student receives 1000 EUR/month allowance as support for housing and general subsistence outside of the country of residence of the student (food & leisure).

A travel allowance up to 3000 EUR/year (can be lower depending of distance to coordinating university).

An installation contribution of 1000 EUR, one time for partner country students (non-EU/non-EEA).

All nationalities can apply.

Application deadline: 1st of March 20xx. Notification of scholarship nominees on April 1st 20xx.