International Master of Science in

Soils & Global Change

an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programme with scholarships 

Global change has profound effects on soils that are observed throughout the world. This emphasizes the need to train more people worldwide who understand how soils react to global change and are able to develop preventive actions and remediation strategies to increase soil resilience.

Study at 4 leading European universities and make the difference.

An overview presentation of IMSOGLO can be found here.

  • Gain advanced knowledge in soil physics, soil biogeochemistry, land information systems, meteorology and climatology

  • Learn to understand soil ecosystems under natural conditions and human-impact, in relation to global change

  • Develop a holistic understanding of interactions and processes in ecosystems, using statistical tools and advanced modelling techniques

  • Qualify for employment in private and public-sector companies and organisations where high level expertise in soil management is required

  • Lead interdisciplinary groups for development of sustainable environmental solutions at local, regional and global scale