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IMSOGLO is jointly organized by a consortium of 4 renown European universities that was established in 2018:


The Consortium Partners are highly complementary in both geographical focus and disciplinary expertise of their research.

Aarhus University and Ghent University work on arctic soils; Ghent University, BOKU University and the University of Göttingen work on tropical soils; and all partner universities work on temperate soils.

The complementarity in geographical research focus provides a variety in classroom examples and allows a rich choice in study areas for thesis research. While problems are often global, evidence-based solutions are mostly site-specific and need to be adapted to local conditions.

The research expertise related to the specialization Soil Biogeochemistry and Global Change is mainly concentrated at BOKU University and the University of Göttingen; and that to the specialization Physical Land Resources and Global Change at Ghent University and Aarhus University. The involved research groups at BOKU University and the University of Göttingen intensively research soil biogeochemistry in relation to ecosystem dynamics and greenhouse gas fluxes from soils (natural, forestry and agricultural ecosystems), with a strong focus on soil and plant interactions. At Ghent University and Aarhus University, research groups are strong in optimizing soil-water management, soil degradation and land evaluation for land functioning in an ecosystem services context.

Imsoglo Partners